The finished version. I like this. I like it a lot. It feels like a railway scene. Just like if you were stood in a car park alongside the railway. I envision two road traversers at either end. How much of the signal box would appear on the model would be down to personal preference and it might be something the layout builder would want to experiment with. The road bridge would cover the start of the traverser section on the right. The steps down to the plaftorm level being an interesting feature. An IKEA Snack box is 14" deep so I think there's plenty of room to get everything in depth wise. Viewing this layout would be best from eye level to take fullest advantage of the signal box and wagon view blocks. To that end I might be inclined to try to force the perspective as well and model the factory building in 3.5mm scale. See that building roof on the left behind the signal box? Model that in 2mm scale for extra depth.