If you've looked through the whole of iholmes.com you'll have checked out my photogallery of the Metro transit light rail. If not it's in the inspiration box.. Hiawatha is an idea that incorporates light rail and modern American switching. As many of you haven't ridden the Hiawatha line you won't know that for several miles alongside Highway 55 the line parallels many grain elevators and warehouses all rail served. So the idea behind this layout is plain and simple big grain elevators and warehouses as the backdrop for the layout where you can switch cars to your hearts content then in front of that a light rail line periodically shuttles past stopping at the station before moving on. This part of the model could even be entirely automated. As the angle that I originally sketched this in gives you no clue as to the track layout I've added a little sketch above. But as usual, no sizes,

The Inspiration Box. Some sites to help you get the feel for Hiawatha and Highway 55 and help you build the layout.

Grain Elevators - Put these on your backscene

38th Street station - Wikipedia article contains an excellent picture of the locale

Twin cities light rail fan - my album of Metro transit pictures

Modern tram cars - Some of the model tramcars made by Halling would be suitable for this layout but they would need a repaint.

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