The Ubiquitous Links Page

The ubiquitous Links page. No self respecting site should be without one. l'll keep adding links as I find interesting stuff on the internet.

British Nn3 modelling

Nn3 modelling is small. Thats N scale narrow gauge using Z gauge track.

Crowsnest Tramway

The history of Roy C Links Crowsnest tramway layouts. Inspirational modelling and conceptualising

EM Gauge society

If you are modelling EM gauge then you will need the support of the EM gauge society from how to to where can I buy? Everything you need to know.

Brian Fayle

Brain Fayles website is a history of his modelling. His latest works are in Gn15 and are very good indeed. Of particular note at the site is his figure painting tutorial.

Holyhead breakwater railway

A photo history of the railway that ran along Holyhead breakwater in North Wales. Perfect ideas for an unusual layout

Louth to Bardney Railway

Very nice site about a long lost railway line running through the Lincolnshire Wolds. Helpful during the making of Wold farm Mushrooms


Macton is a rare beast indeed. A 15" gauge line serving an locomotive works. here the buildings are big and dominate the layout. Awesome modelling.

Micro/small layouts for model railroads

THE website to go to for any ideas and inpiration for very small model railways


Martin Hogg is a prolific producer of small model railway layouts. All are chronicled here. Delightful modelling

Chris Nevard Model Railways

Cement Quay and Arne Wharf are just two of Chris' layouts that he details here. Also an extensive library of modern Railway photographs.


Producers of the REVIEW  


Leading supplier of kits and bits for Gn15


Excellent British based forum for railway modellers

Rushbys Railways

Neil Rushby's website documents all his layouts including the wonderfully atmospheric Shell island.

Schomberg Scale Models

Many of Schombergs bits and pieces have found their way on to Purespring Watercress. Gn15 American outline

Shifting Sands

Colin Peakes Shifting sands layout is On18, O scale using N gauge track. His model makes me feel homesick its that atmospheric.
Lyddlow Bob Hughes website home to many, many, many minumum space model railway layouts
Deadwater Burn RMwebber "Mines a pints" Russ documents the building of his EM gauge RMweb challenge layout.
P4 New Street Jim Smiths project to build a model of Birmingham New Street Station in P4. Awe inspiring. THE site to head to if you're interested in Gn15 or if you've never heard of Gn15 but want to try something new and different
Scalescenes A great idea. Building kits that you pay for and download off the internet. Once you've got the kit you can print off as many as you like. Some really nice models and a freebie to try out as well
Joyces world of Transport eclectica Lots of miscellaneous information about prototype railways. Most interesting to me was finding a diagram listing clearances for tunnel mouths and platforms and other railway structures
Lance Mindheim dot com Quite probably the most amazing HO scale shelf layout ever. Realism and atmosphere of the very highest order.
Penmorfa Dave Sallery's excellent selection of websites cover the railways of North Wales. This site is a superb resource for ideas.
Geoffs Rail Diaries "Confessions of a trainspotter" a photographic record of Daves many railway adventures