Tenwr mine was the result of being bored one rainy Friday off work. I'd been doodling the day before at work. Messing around, pushing sheets of letter size paper around seeing if I could come up with something, and it just so happens that I found a piece of pink foam in my hobby room that was the same size. I threw some pieces of track down on it. There wasn't really a lot you could do but I worked out that to get a loco and wagon from the back to the front of the layout. They would have to traverse the length of the board three times. So "What the heck" I thought. I pinned down the track without any thought of what I was going to do with it. I had been looking at pictures of mines for inspiration a couple of days earlier, so they were fresh in my mind. So a mine of some description it was. While the ballast was setting on the track I set to and started work on the structures just walls and a simple shed. Nothing too exciting. After ten hours (thats how you pronounce tenwr) I had a layout.

Tenwr mine trackplan, simplicity itself.

Click on the thumbnail and a larger version opens in a new window.
So PECO track on pink foam is my standard construction method and it served me well here again. Sadly, Tenwr mine did not have a long life. It was quite fun to operate with the wagon tipper in the front. But bad planning let me down again as I received a Gnat cab kit from Sidelines and fitted it to my Gnat the loco that operated Tenwr. As soon as I did that it wouldn't go under the footbridge. So, without any other suitable locos at the time Tenwr fell into disuse. Until I needed the point on it to make another layout. Then I dug the point up and scrapped the layout. That layouts name was Whinny Lane.
Perhaps that layout would be better planned.