I think I can honestly say I've had more fun modelling in Gn15 than any other scale. I've created many fun models and also many historically accurate models and all can run beside each other and they don't look unusual together. Hopefully some of my work has helped the popularity of Gn15. For when I started the term was known to a couple of dozen modellers. Now the Gnatterbox forum at Gn15.info has many hundreds of active members. Small kit manufacturers make kits for locos of all shapes and sizes. It's not as daunting as it once was to start out in Gn15. If your model making has got into a bit of a rut. Try doing something in Gn15. I promise you'll have fun with it.

Note Ian's Gn15 pages are still being updated so don't worry if some links don't work.

My Gn15 Layouts


The Apple Valley Light Railway was my first Gn15 layout. See what started me on the road of Gn15 modelling



 Tenwr Mine a true Microlayout


Whinny Lane a model of an Estate Railway


Purespring is my most popular layout built to date. Now retired from the exhibition circuit. Enjoy this collection of pictures. 


My very favourite scene on Whinny Lane. Katie at the head of the "Heywood" train. A very typical Estate Railway scene.

 The first batch of works photos are available to view.